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The Dopple Visual platform provides commerce and content sites the ability to create, maintain, and embed 3D configurable experiences for a product or products into their site, and extend these experiences through augmented reality (AR).

Example configurator UI using Dopple’s 3D visual platform

Use cases

  • Product visualization
    The API supports basic product visualization use cases by providing a way to securely load and display visual models.
  • Single product configuration
    The API supports display of changes to the product configuration by setting configuration values which can drive visual actions through the implementation.
  • Multi-product configuration
    The API supports configuration of multiple product instances by allowing multiple instances of multiple products to be created and added to the scene and allowing configuration values to be set on product instances.
  • Screen capture
    The API supports capturing of high quality images based on the current configuration and camera view.
  • Augmented reality
    The API supports the capture of the current configuration for use in AR and launching the native device AR viewer to visualize the configuration in the context of a real space.