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The Visual API

Dopple Visual’s API gives developers a direct way to embed 3D configurators/visualizers within their site and define how user interaction with the site translates to actions in the 3D visual, such as changing the configuration or moving the camera.

API reference

The Visual Component is the recommended way for most developers to implement Dopple Visual on their site, but the Visual API provides a way to directly access the same core functions and features of the platform without using the Visual Component.

Using the Visual API is recommended for edge cases and developers needing more nuanced control of their implementation.

Using the Visual API, developers will:

  1. Place a <canvas> element on the page for the 3D scene to be rendered onto.
  2. Setup and initialize the Visual instance on that <canvas> via JavaScript.
  3. Manually call the API’s methods (such as setValue() for updating a product’s configuration) to interact with and update the 3D product.
  4. Create custom interfaces for extended platform features, such as augmented reality and product snapshots.

Camera controls for the canvas are automatically available once Visual has been initialized; they do not need to be manually set up.