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The Visual Component

The Visual Component is a custom HTML element (<atlatl-visual>) that can be dropped into your existing HTML page.

It contains the <canvas> that your 3D product will be rendered to, as well as additional functionality to make your 3D product and scene interactive.

  • Can be initialized and displayed on your page with 4 lines of HTML no manual JavaScript to write.
  • Automatically binds buttons, inputs, and other elements in your UI to update your 3D product and control your 3D scene.
  • Provides extended features such as augmented reality, snapshots, and fullscreen mode ready out of the box.
  • Easily extensible by hooking into the Visual API whenever custom functionality is needed.

Visual Component is the recommended implementation method for the strong majority of use cases. For developers needing tighter control of their implementation, the same functionality of the Visual Component can be achieved manually using the Visual API directly.