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To enable the ability for the user to put the Dopple Visual Component into fullscreen mode we can add an <av-fullscreen> tag, as a child of the <av-native-ui> tag, and give it a native-button boolean attribute.

<atlatl-visual ...>
<av-product ...></av-product>
<av-fullscreen native-button></av-fullscreen>

This will display a button on top of the Dopple Visual Component in the lower right-hand corner on browsers and devices that support entering fullscreen mode.


native-buttonbooleanoptionalDefaults to false. Dynamically adding or removing this attribute will ignore any prior calls to the showNativeButton() method.
native-button-locationstringoptionalSupported values are bottom left and bottom right. Only applies when the native-button attribute is true. Defaults to bottom right.


showNativeButton(show: boolean)Sets whether to show or hide the Embedded UI button. Calling this method will ignore the value of the native-button attribute.